Gates vs Jobs

Another very cool work from Current. Check their take on the Mac vs PC war.

Bruce Lee vs Iron Man

Very cool stop-motion animation. Seems this people are VERY free. Anyway check it out

Burger Grease Art

And some ppl actually think that burgers are not greasy. Check this video out

The Man Behind (or Below) Elmo

Ever wonder who is the person that voices elmo? Here is an interview with Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who handles Elmo.

32 Songs in 8 Min

WOW.. thats all i can say

The twitter revolution

Twittering has been picking up at a tremendous pace lately. Everyone seems to be doing it. Anyway if you do not know what twitter is all about.. watch this video

Acrobatic act from 1936

I’ve never seen acrobatic like this from the current acts. This is totally mind blowing. Looks as if they are on the verge of breaking her apart but her flexibility is amazing.